HNM, as the airport is usually referred, is situated on the north east region of the Island of Maui. It is utilized by the residents and the visitors visiting the town of Hana. The department of transportation Airports division (State of Hawaii) owns and operates the Hana Airport. Supporting general aviation along with commuter and unscheduled air taxis activities is the main utility of the airport. The sole commercial airline Pacific Wings provides subsidy free air service at the airport.
Hana Airport engulfs a total land area of 119 acres and includes a asphalt surfaced runway .This runway serves the passenger terminal .One can easily access the airport using his own vehicle from Hana Highway through Alalele Place. The airport lacks taxi service .There is facility of vending machines at the terminal.

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Contact Number: +1 808-872-3808
Airport Address: 4228 Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708, United States