Hertz Rent A Car
4610 Selma Highway, Montgomery, AL 36108-4847
(334) 284-1560 ‎

Budget Rent-A-Car – South Kohala
68 1400 Mauna Lani Dr, Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, Hawaii, HI 96743
(808) 329-8511 ‎

Thrifty Montgomery Car Rental
3360 Selma Highway, Montgomery, AL 36108
(334) 281-0110 ‎

Avis Rent-A-Car – Montgomery
3485 Selma Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36108
(334) 284-3182 ‎

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
4437 Selma Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36108
(334) 288-2880 ‎

Alamo Rent-A-Car
4520 Selma Highway, Montgomery, AL 36108-4843
(334) 284-2000 ‎

National Car Rental
4445 Selma Highway, Montgomery, AL 36108-4842
Dannelly Field
(334) 284-1911 ‎

National Car Rental
4520 Highway 80 W, Montgomery, AL 36108-4898
(334) 284-2000 ‎

Rental Car Types, Capacity and Luggage Considerations Q and A

It usually fits 4 Passengers and 2 Bags. Examples are Cars like: Chevrolet Spark, Hyundai Accent, and Mitsubishi Mirage.

It usually fits 4 Passengers and 2 Bags. Examples are Cars like: Ford Focus, Nissan Versa, and Toyota Yaris.

Examples are Cars like: Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Volkswagen Jetta.

It usually fits 5 Passengers and 4 Bags. Examples are Cars like: Nissan Maxima, Toyota Avalon, Ford Fusion, and Chevrolet Impala.

It usually fits 5 Passengers and 4 Bags. Examples are Cars like: Audi A4, Chrysler 300, BMW 5 series, Cadillac XTS, Lincoln Continental.

It usually fits 2 to 4 Passengers and 2 Bags. Examples are Cars like: Audi A5, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, BMW 4-series.

It usually fits 5 Passengers and 3 Bags. Examples are SUVs like: Kia Sportage, Nissan Juke, and Ford Eco Sport.

It usually fits 5 Passengers and 4 Bags. Examples are SUVs like: Audi Q5, Toyota RAV4, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Ford Escape.

It usually fits 7 to 8 Passengers and 5 Bags. Examples are SUVs like: Audi Q7, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Expedition, and Toyota Sequoia.

It usually fits 5 to 7 Passengers and 3 to 5 Bags. Examples are SUVs like: Audi Q3, Infiniti QX80, and Cadillac Escalade.

It usually fits 7 to 8 Passengers and 5 Bags. Examples are Minivans like: Dodge Grand Caravan, Toyota Sienna, and Nissan Quest.

It usually fits 8 to 12 Passengers and up to 7 Bags. Examples are Vans like: Ford E-Series, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and Nissan NV.

It usually fits 4 Passengers and 3 to 4 Bags. Examples are Trucks like: Nissan Frontier, Ford F-150, and Dodge Ram.

It usually fits 5 Passengers and 3 Bags. Examples are Cars like: Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion Hybrid.

It usually fits 5 Passengers and 2 to 4 Bags. Examples are Cars like: Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S.

Note: Vehicles like Economy, Compact, Mid-size, Full-size, and Standard SUV are almost always available however vehicles like Luxury, Convertible, Premium SUVs, Passenger vans, Pickup trucks, Hybrid, and Electric cars are not available at all locations.

Do you need to know how far is Montgomery Regional Airport (MGM) from your location or how long will take to drive to the Montgomery Regional Airport (MGM)?
Use the chart below for driving times and distance estimates. Note that all times are estimates for driving without traffic, extra stops, and in normal weather conditions.

Hope Hull, AL 5.4 M 7m
Montgomery, AL 9.1 M 11m
Pintlala, AL 9.1 M 11m
Boylston, AL 13.0 M 15m
Burkville, AL 13.3 M 18m
Lowndesboro, AL 14.4 M 16m
Hayneville, AL 15.6 M 18m
Millbrook, AL 16.3 M 17m
Prattville, AL 16.4 M 22m
Pike Road, AL 17.4 M 25m
Coosada, AL 18.2 M 20m
Ada, AL 20.7 M 23m
Mount Meigs, AL 20.7 M 21m
Letohatchee, AL 21.1 M 19m
Blue Ridge, AL 21.9 M 25m
Mosses, AL 22.4 M 28m
White Hall, AL 25.0 M 29m
Pine Level, AL 25.2 M 24m
Ramer, AL 25.5 M 29m
Booth, AL 25.6 M 31m
Gordonville, AL 26.0 M 33m
Wetumpka, AL 26.3 M 32m
Sandy Ridge, AL 26.4 M 26m
Autaugaville, AL 27.3 M 33m
Benton, AL 27.3 M 29m
Cecil, AL 28.1 M 30m
McDade, AL 28.3 M 29m
Lewis, AL 29.7 M 36m
Deatsville, AL 30.1 M 31m
Highland Home, AL 30.4 M 33m
Fort Deposit, AL 31.7 M 30m
Shorter, AL 32.5 M 32m
Marbury, AL 35.3 M 35m
Mountain Creek, AL 35.5 M 35m
Central City, AL 37.7 M 42m
Elmore, AL 37.9 M 43m
Eclectic, AL 38.6 M 45m
Verbena, AL 38.8 M 36m
Fitzpatrick, AL 39.4 M 43m
Selmont-West Selmont, AL 39.7 M 41m
Billingsley, AL 40.3 M 46m
Honoraville, AL 40.5 M 47m
Pleasant Hill, AL 41.5 M 52m
Tallassee, AL 41.7 M 42m
Selma, AL 41.9 M 43m
Petrey, AL 42.0 M 48m
Greenville, AL 42.9 M 40m
Equality, AL 44.0 M 48m
Furman, AL 45.3 M 50m
Clanton, AL 45.9 M 42m
Tuskegee, AL 46.0 M 46m
Mount Andrews, AL 46.7 M 55m
Minter, AL 47.1 M 1h 0m
Snow Hill, AL 47.6 M 52m
Rutledge, AL 48.7 M 53m
Luverne, AL 49.0 M 54m
Valley Grande, AL 49.7 M 52m
Union Springs, AL 50.0 M 56m
Jones, AL 50.1 M 1h 3m
Elm Bluff, AL 50.9 M 55m
Beloit, AL 51.5 M 58m
Rockford, AL 51.9 M 56m
Reeltown, AL 52.2 M 53m
Ackerville, AL 52.3 M 58m
Maplesville, AL 52.5 M 1h 0m
Notasulga, AL 52.7 M 50m
Troy, AL 52.8 M 56m
Thorsby, AL 53.4 M 52m
Stanton, AL 53.7 M 1h 0m
Little Texas, AL 55.6 M 53m
Glenwood, AL 56.1 M 1h 5m
Curtis, AL 56.2 M 1h 5m
Forest Home, AL 56.4 M 54m
Carlowville, AL 56.7 M 1h 5m
Isabella, AL 56.8 M 58m
Oak Hill, AL 57.2 M 1h 5m
Marion Junction, AL 57.4 M 1h 0m
Orrville, AL 58.4 M 1h 5m
Brantley, AL 58.5 M 1h 4m
Loachapoka, AL 58.7 M 57m
Georgiana, AL 58.9 M 53m
Lawley, AL 59.5 M 1h 5m
Jemison, AL 59.9 M 55m
Banks, AL 60.2 M 1h 6m
Kellyton, AL 60.3 M 1h 8m
Alexander City, AL 60.4 M 1h 9m
Randolph, AL 60.8 M 1h 8m
Plantersville, AL 61.3 M 1h 5m
Smut Eye, AL 62.5 M 1h 14m
Auburn, AL 62.9 M 1h 0m
Goshen, AL 63.2 M 1h 8m
Midway, AL 63.4 M 1h 10m
Brundidge, AL 63.4 M 1h 7m
Ino, AL 63.5 M 1h 8m
Pine Apple, AL 64.1 M 1h 0m
McWilliams, AL 64.1 M 1h 12m
Roxana, AL 64.2 M 1h 13m
Perote, AL 64.6 M 1h 12m
Camden, AL 65.4 M 1h 14m
Calera, AL 65.7 M 57m
Browns, AL 66.1 M 1h 10m
Goodwater, AL 66.1 M 1h 12m
Marvyn, AL 66.7 M 1h 1m
Weogufka, AL 66.8 M 1h 19m
McKenzie, AL 67.5 M 1h 2m
Dozier, AL 68.0 M 1h 16m
Crumptonia, AL 69.0 M 1h 26m
Jack, AL 69.1 M 1h 12m
Opelika, AL 69.6 M 1h 2m
Dadeville, AL 69.7 M 1h 15m
Chesnut Grove, AL 69.8 M 1h 16m
Jacksons’ Gap, AL 69.9 M 1h 19m
Marion, AL 70.8 M 1h 17m
Alberta, AL 70.9 M 1h 19m
Clowers Crossroads, AL 71.4 M 1h 17m
Danleys Crossroads, AL 71.7 M 1h 19m
Centreville, AL 71.8 M 1h 16m
Gold Hill, AL 71.9 M 1h 11m
Comer, AL 72.3 M 1h 19m
Canton Bend, AL 72.3 M 1h 23m
Creek Stand, AL 72.6 M 1h 16m
Frisco, AL 73.1 M 1h 20m
Camp Hill, AL 73.1 M 1h 21m
Beauregard, AL 73.3 M 1h 8m
Uniontown, AL 73.4 M 1h 15m
Brent, AL 73.5 M 1h 20m
Millers Ferry, AL 74.0 M 1h 22m