Arctic Caribou Inn
On particularly full tour days, the staff at the Arctic Caribou Inn will host a “Heritage Hour” where the Inupiaq members of the staff put on an educational hour about the NANA region and Alaska history. There are displays of Alaskan Native art, furs and sometimes samples of Native foods.
Distance from Airport 0.5 miles
PO Box 340111, Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734-0111
(907) 659-2692 ‎
Free Airport Shuttle: No

Prudhoe Bay Hotel
The Prudhoe Bay Hotel in Deadhorse at the end of the Alaska’s Dalton Highway on the edge of Prudhoe Bay Oil field provides accommodations for both the visitor touring the state of Alaska and the workers of the north slope. With restaurant, gift shop, public internet access, ATM and car rental to meet the needs of both workers and tourists.
Distance from Airport 30.0 miles
Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734-0004
(907) 659-2449 ‎
Free Airport Shuttle: No

Deadhorse Camp
Deadhorse Camp provides hotel lodging in a camp-style atmosphere for the traveler to Prudhoe Bay. Sitting on a 7 1/2 acre gravel pad on the west side of the Dalton Highway, Deadhorse Camp is exactly two miles south of the Dalton Highway’s northern most point at Lake Colleen in Deadhorse.
Distance from Airport 3.0 miles
Dalton Highway, Deadhorse, AK 99734
(907) 474-3565 ‎
Free Airport Shuttle: No

Arctic Oilfield Hotel/Veco
Another pre-fab accommodation.
Distance from Airport 8.0 miles
Spine Road, Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734
(907) 659-2614 ‎
Free Airport Shuttle: No